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Enter the World of Mythenia

Welcome to a revolutionary web3 strategic browser-based game set in the fantasy world of Mythenia. Immerse yourself in a world filled with adventure, strategy, and mythical creatures.

Gather your friends and embark on adventures and quests together in a guild, or choose to focus on expanding your lands and accumulating more gold. Manage your resources or plunder other lands to get what you need to become stronger.

Your options are limitless and every decision you make will impact your success. Put your strategic prowess to the test and claim your place among the legends.


Select Your Race

As a new player, you have the choice between three races to play as: humans, elves, or dwarves.

Explore and acquire land, a unique Non-Fungible Token generated from hundreds of various traits, that will produce gold every hour.

Each race has its own unique traits, strengths, and abilities, so choose the one that best suits your playstyle and embark on your journey!

human land


Humans are a versatile and adaptable race, with a wide range of skills and abilities. They excel in multiple roles and situations, and are recognised for their ingenuity and innovativeness.
elf land


Elves are a graceful race, possessing a deep understanding and respect for the natural world. They are known for their gifted affinity for magic and close connection to nature.
dwarf land


Dwarves are a stout and resilient race, renowned for their mastery in mining and blacksmithing. Tough and sturdy, they can withstand harsh conditions and are valiant defenders of their home and allies.

Expand Your Forces

Manage your resources effectively to explore more lands, recruit new units, purchase better equipment, and deepen research in your area of interest.

Upgrade your lands to produce resources, and level up your squad units to take on more challenging quests.

Form guilds with other players and create the ultimate force to raid dungeons and protect your interests.

“Nature has taught me that balance is key. As you expand your forces, remember to manage your resources wisely.”

elf druid
Eolandeir, Warden of the Wilds
resource management

Assemble Your Squad

Form a formidable squad by recruiting units to your forces. Choose from a variety of unit classes, including warriors, mages, archers, and priests, to build a well-balanced adventurer's squad of five.

Each race has its own unique units, so select the ones that align with your playstyle and strategy. Upgrade your units by gathering battle experience and taking them to the next level.

“The path of a knight is one of honor, courage, and sacrifice. We stand as the protectors of the realm, ever vigilant against those who would do harm to the empire.”

human knight
Ralfax, Knight of the First Order
human footman level 2
human archer level 3
human knight level 5
elf priest level 3
elf mage level 4
elf range level 3
dwarf knight level 4
dwarf arbalist level 3
dwarf tank level 5

Equipment & Items

Equip your forces for battle by obtaining gear from quests, exploring ruins, and defeating monsters. You might also encounter wandering merchants selling rare items from time to time.

Enhance your equipment even further by seeking out skilled blacksmiths to upgrade them, or powerful elven spellcasters to imbue them with magic.

“The heat of the furnace and the clang of the anvil are the symphony of the dwarves, and we conduct it with skill and precision.”

dwarf knight level 4
Dulriik, Battle-hardened Dwarven Warrior
bow level 1
round amulet
priest robe level 3
rogue leather vest level 3
crossbow level 2
axe level 3
ring level 1
staff level 3
warrior armor level 3

Form a Guild

Unite with others and form a guild to achieve shared objectives. Pool resources to invest in guild-level research and work together to overcome dungeon raids.

Collaborate on battle strategies, offer support to one another, and cultivate a strong sense of community and belonging within your guild. Rise to the top of the power rankings together.

“Though the road ahead may be long and fraught with danger, we shall walk it together with unwavering resolve and unshakeable courage.”

human bard level 2
Saraedna, Songstress of the Starscape

Embark on Quests & Raid Dungeons

Explore a vast world filled with danger and adventure from battling fierce monsters to solving puzzles and unconvering hidden treasures and ancient artifacts. Every quest will put your wits and courage to the test.

But if you're looking for even greater challenges and rewards, then raiding dungeons is the way to go! Gather your guildmates and venture deep into dark, foreboding dungeons, where unimaginable riches and powerful enemies await.

single player quest

Single-Player Quests

Embark on solo adventures with single-player quests. Choose your path and challenge yourself to overcome obstacles and reap the rewards
group quest

Group Quests

Gather friends and fellow adventurers to tackle group quests together. Collaborate, strategize and combine your strengths and conquer the trials ahead
guild raids

Guild Raids

Assemble your guild and tackle the most daunting dungeons to earn the greatest rewards. Prove your valor in the face of danger.

Skills & Research

Your journey also requires the mastery of skills and research that will play a vital role in helping you overcome challenges along your quest to reach the pinnacle of the leaderboards.

Sharpen your skills and delve deep into research to unlock your full potential to become the best in your field.

Choose your path wisely, as your choices will shape your destiny in this epic adventure.

“Knowledge is power, and it is our duty as seekers of truth to unlock the secrets of the universe.”

elf mage level 5
Araeduil, Seeker of Knowledge and Truth
Skills and Research

Soulbound Achievements

Soulbound Achievements are NFT tokens linked to your player account that cannot be transferred to another user. These tokens represent your accomplishments and progress in the game, from completing quests to conquering dungeons.

As a Soulbound token, it is a unique item that only you can claim ownership of, serving as a testament to your skills and achievements. So, use your astuteness and strategic insight, hone your skills, and mark your place among the best of Mythenia.

“Forge yer destiny with every achievement ye earn. Each one is a step closer to greatness, and ye'll be the envy of dwarves and all other races alike!”

dwarf cleric level 5
Barldor, The Earthbound Herald


Lorekeepers are writers responsible for protecting the lore of Mythenia. Engage with them to customize the name and description of your lands and squads. As a player, you have the power to shape the narrative of your adventure, and the Lorekeepers are here to ensure that your creativity is reflected in the game's lore.

Whether it's a backstory for your squad or a unique title for your land, your Lorekeeper will work with you to bring your vision to life. Leave your mark on the world of Mythenia and become a part of its rich and vibrant lore.

“"The lore of magic is not static, but ever-evolving. It is a tapestry woven from the threads of countless cultures and traditions. It is our job to keep it vibrant and alive.”

human mage level 3
Jayrinth, Arcane Ambassador


Crossroads: Myth adopts a dual-token model, namely a governance token (CRDS) that allows stakeholders to vote and receive a proportional rewards share, and a liquidity reward token (GEMS) that could be used to redeem exclusive items and temporary in-game boosts.

Players will be entitled to purchase governance tokens (CRDS) based on their in-game performance and achievements. Subsequently, they will be able to stake these tokens and receive proportional rewards from all players' activities on Crossroads: Myth.

40% of the game's revenue (from specific sources such as from royalties and fees) will be distributed to stakeholders, and players can claim their rewards anytime. Upon unstaking of the CRDS governance tokens, a standard exit fee of 10% will be imposed, where half (5%) is burnt, and the remaining half (5%) is evenly distributed among the existing CRDS stakeholders.

The liquidity reward token (GEMS) will serve as incentives to liquidity providers of CRDS-related liquidity pools. There will be no additional minting of CRDS tokens to serve as liquidity incentives.

Crossroads: Myth's Tokenomics is designed to benefit players as fairly as possible with a meritocratic distribution based on their in-game performance. The separation of utility tokens from governance tokens will also prevent excessive inflation while enabling sustainable real yields from staking.

revenue distribution


As a dedicated indie team, the Crossroads: Myth team is fueled by passion and ingenuity to develop an engaging web3 browser-based game.

Embracing the spirit of bootstrapping, we leverage our diverse talents and expertise to create an immersive and innovative gaming experience at the crossroads of blockchain technology, evocative art, and sustainable tokenomics.


Tim - Founder & Tech Mavryk Twitter

A Tezos OG from the days of H=N, Tim has been building products over the years from the web2 to web3 space, most recently together with FluxTribe and Mavryk Finance.
As an indie maker and builder, Tim is most passionate about exploring the possibilities of technology and creating innovative solutions and products that people will love.

Ben - Marketing Maestro Twitter

An avid video gamer, Ben enjoys delving into lore, experiencing player progression, and analyzing brilliant and sustainable game mechanics.
Ben seeks to apply his strategy and analytics skills acquired from his prior experience in TradFi and consumer-focused businesses to the Web3 space.

Kate - Creative Virtuoso Instagram

Kate is living her dream as a passionate and experienced digital artist, and is always eager to share her creativity with a like-minded team to build projects that will leave a lasting impact on the world of gaming.
To Kate, art is more than a career - it's her life, her love, and her heart.

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